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“Thank you for bringing this work out, for all the time, care, & attention you've put into your course materials, and for the passion of your teaching style; your love of what you do comes through. This work is right & true, and I appreciate the opportunity to deepen my understanding of it.” 
– Heather A.
Asheville, NC

NeuroSoma® Seminars
NeuroSoma® gives the practitioner the finest, most reliable tools with which to facilitate client/patient healing from many painful conditions, including but not limited to muscle pain.

Graduate seminar March 2013

We have requests - pleas, actually - from every State in the US and from many other countries for NeuroSoma® Practitioners; people recognize from reading website materials that this work is what they need.

Be that Practitioner in your State; help get this bodywork out and build a practice that truly helps these suffering people heal and resume their lives. They need you, and we need you. Students report that even in early stages of learning, their clients double in number and their practices thrive.

Our Continuing Education Seminars are strictly limited in number, providing intense one-on-one consultation and hands-on work in the apprentice/teacher format; this is necessary in order to master the NeuroSoma® techniques, which although grounded in anatomical and physiological science, are challenging to master.

Learning NeuroSoma® is not unlike learning to play a musical instrument; it requires great sensitivity, focus, and much practice.

Our seminars are geared for massage therapists, chiropractors, physical therapists and other qualified body workers; however classes are open to anyone who has the desire to help their family and friends as non-professionals (even though the physiology and anatomy presented in class is based on students' having previous knowledge of these sciences). The function and malfunction (hard, permanently contracted tissue that cannot relax) is studied, as well as the extraordinary and specialized nervous system stimulation that allows healing to take place.

Muscle Therapy Continuing Education is provided in a relaxed and pleasurable setting. You will come away from each Level with a deepened understanding of the human body, and with powerful new working skills.

Seminar participants receive a large body of information in each Level. One participant wrote: " "I came to sip at the fountain of knowledge - only to find out it was a fire hose".


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Tamsin Lee Stewart is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.

Some student feedback:

"Really great seminar Tamsin; can you believe it, I got home and had 3 clients ask for the Neurosoma work, one of them has spasm throughout her right inner thigh, and also gluteal/hip pain. I got to practice all the adductor work we did last week. Another client is having tightness across her upper chest muscles, asking for pectoralis work, which we also just learned. How great is that? I'm looking forward to the next class in April!"

“The instructor is extremely knowledgeable, astute in answering questions, and creative in helping with hand position; very patient.”

“The instructor was totally accessible.  I’ve never experienced an instructor this committed to a student getting the material”

"I got much more information in this seminar than I could have possibly anticipated. This work is not like anything else! I have done numerous chiropractic technique seminars, none of which offered such complete and thorough hands-on instruction."

“This work is like nothing I’ve ever come across before – it fascinates me, frustrates me, entices me; it’s like molding wet clay, but we’re working in flesh.  I can't wait till the next level.”  

Are you interested in continuing with higher levels of study in NeuroSoma?

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