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About Hypertonic Muscle Spasm

“Hypertonic muscle spasm”, also known as hypertonus, means “too much muscle tone”, and is unfortunately very common. [Muscle tone is the residual tension in a resting muscle – the amount of contraction that remains when a muscle is not actively working.] Hypertonus is beyond conscious control, it does not always produce direct awareness of its presence, and it surfaces in many ways not normally associated with muscle. What may appear as skeletal, circulatory, nerve, or inflammatory distress usually begins with hypertonic muscle spasm, a condition caused by the interruption of nerve feedback loops between muscle and brain.

We tend to think of “spasm” as a cramp or tic, usually temporary and caused by lack of circulation.  But true hypertonic spasm is caused by malfunctioning feedback nerves, is much more serious, and is permanent unless treated. Simply put, the hypertonic muscle is muscle tone run amok – the muscles are unable to relax.

Established traditions do not recognize hypertonicity as a malady; when they are forced to deal with a situation where muscles are obviously involved, they fall back on the term “dystonia”, and utilize drugs such as botox and muscle relaxors, which in reality do not relax muscle at all. Although skeletal muscle accounts for 45 to 50% of the human body mass, and although medical specialists exist for every other body part and disorder, there are no “myologists”, or muscle doctors.

Muscle spasm creates, among other problems, degenerative disc disease, bursitis, rotator cuff injury, TMJ disorder, sinusitis, back pain, whiplash, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, tennis elbow, knee injuries, and nerve impingement. Although all are the result of hypertonic muscle, doctors rarely consider muscle to be the culprit, or know how to treat muscle other than with surgery, with pharmaceuticals, or with “strengthening” exercises. Neurosoma® works within the nervous system to relax sick, contracted muscle.

One who suffers from hypertonic muscle spasm cannot enjoy general good health because of the strong holistic interactions between the various organs of the body; a disturbance in one is always transmitted to several others. For example, a muscle in spasm puts stress on the joints, strangles the blood circulation, and irritates the nerves adjacent to it. Therefore, hypertonicity makes homeostasis impossible; sick muscle translates to a sick body. Neurosoma® helps normalize blood vessels, glands, bone structure and nerves, as well as muscles.

Hypertonus accelerates the aging process.  As more muscle succumbs to permanent contraction, aging begins in earnest. Encroaching hypertonic spasm reduces the body’s vitality and ability to move easily and freely; vertebrae are squeezed together, putting pressure on intervertebral discs and distorting the spine; circulation is reduced in the veins, allowing toxins to accumulate; nerves are entrapped, and a great number of other symptoms of age begin to appear. For instance, certain muscles in spasm can elevate blood pressure and heart rate; excess lactic acid in the system can increase plaquing in veins and arteries; hypertonus in lumbar intertransversarii muscles can produce acid indigestion, constipation, and irritable bowels; and spasm in the all-important suboccipital muscles wreaks havoc on the body’s sinuses and overall chemistry.

The physiology of hypertonus, or muscle malfunction, is not within the scope of most bodywork modalities, although many do contribute toward holistic solutions. But most therapies, including modern allopathic medicine, are limited by a focus on structure (anatomy) rather than function (physiology), and ignore the complex operation of muscle spindle organs. Without understanding the vicious cycle of contraction gone awry, they are unable to go to the source of the problem; focusing on eliminating pain as their goal, they attack the messenger instead of the message.  Pain is a secondary problem; it is how the body alerts us to the unfelt primary problem – muscle spasm.

NeuroSoma® restores a pain-free, healthy, and productive life. You (or your patients or clients) really can live a joyous life again, and reclaim the sick, hard muscle that can impact every aspect of existence, including the aging process itself.


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